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Serving Children with Mental Health Disorders

Our Mission is to provide Education, Awareness, Resources, and Services to the community and families of special needs children of all ages.


Informing families and communities about the prevalence of mental health and other disorders, the impact of these disorders, and the steps required to begin helping families address these issues.


Creating awareness among families, schools, and communities about the prevalence of mental health and other disorders, their impact on the lives of those who experience them, and how to find access to the tools needed to address them.


Generating a community of information through word of mouth and the creation of comprehensive lists of all resources available to families seeking help in the greater Sacramento Area to facilitate faster access to appropriate services.


Assisting families throughout their difficult journey—guiding the way, providing answers, and offering support throughout the difficult process of understanding and treating their children’s special needs.

Our Programs

Sunrise Support

A Division of My EARS 2 Hear

My EARS 2 Hear organizes support groups for parents and loved ones of children who suffer from all kinds of special needs including mental health and other disorders. Support groups offer families the ability to connect with other caregivers in similar situations, creating a network of encouragement and creative ideas to help them through their journey.

Community Care

A Division of My EARS 2 Hear

My EARS 2 Hear hosts Community Care Conversations. These meetings bring parents face to face with the awesome resources in their community, creating an open exchange of information between providers and parents and easier access to services.

Breakthrough Bridge

A Division of My EARS 2 Hear

Breakthrough Bridge is designed to create a knowledgeable and proactive partnership with parents, caregivers, and service providers to assist in the task of finding services to meet their children's specific needs.  The goal of Breakthrough Bridge is to facilitate easier access to the most current programs that provide much-needed lifelines to families.

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Recovery Respite

A Division of My EARS 2 Hear

At My EARS 2 Hear we understand that caring for children with special needs is hard. Recovery Respite serves these parents and caregivers by providing professional care for their children and affording them the time and opportunity to restore their resources.  Respite is available during our bi-monthly support group meetings and other scheduled events. With the support of the community we are growing this much needed program as quickly as possible.

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Future Goals

of My EARS 2 Hear

Majesty Medical

A Division of My EARS 2 Hear

The long-term goal of My EARS 2 Hear is to establish a medical facility where families in crisis can receive immediate treatment for their children, no matter their insurance or financial situation. This facility will provide a variety of mental health and other services.  The objective of Majesty Medical is to treat the family as a whole, supporting every aspect of their journey.

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